Buscabulla – Sono

Buscabulla - Sono

Les Sins – Bother & Talk About


Still catching up. Again. New(ish) stuff from Chazwick Bradley Bundick aka Toro Y Moi. These have both been on high rotation.

From The Archives – Visual Inspiration No. 6

Oddisee – That’s Love

New old-school vibes from Oddisee’s new album ‘The Good Fight’. Single track is a little more upbeat and radio friendly than usual. Love those stuffy horn samples and classic Oddisee flow.

Jamie XX – In Colour



More catching up to do. If you haven’t been keeping up with Jamie XX’s releases to his upcoming album In Colour… then that’s a bad thing. Liking what’s been released over the last year or so. Videos are often an interesting direction, particularly ‘Gosh’. Tracks should really be listened to without the videos in my humble opinion. New album out 1st June.

Create & Explore – Beatmaker & Photographer

Really inspired by this continuing project Create & Explore where a beatmaker is paired with a photographer. Music and curation by the awesome Ta-ku. Better described below.

“Create + Explore is a conversation between mediums from visual to auditory, providing an intersectional platform for beat-makers and photographers to create and explore the power of artistic collaboration. Each project is created through a process of pairing a beatmaker and a photographer. The beatmaker creates original music and sends it off to the photographer as an impetus and inspiration to generating a pictorial exploration. This process links two of our most indelible sensory experiences through a photographic interpretation of original music.”

Watch more from their website here.

Flume – Zimbabwe & Insane (L D R U Remix)

Still catching up on these posts. The never disappointing Flume.

Leon Bridges

Been following this guy for a while. Words spread far and wide now… As far as the local Co-op store radio. Which is somehow depressing. Anyway, debut album 23rd June. Southern Soul and Sam Cooke reincarnate is probably the best way to describe.

Youtube and Spotify seem to be the only way to stream since he took down his stuff from Soundcloud. Latest track for download is ‘River’. So good… Some pretty good live versions of unreleased stuff out there too.

Looking forward to his second UK show on the the 20th at the Village Underground.