Lusine – Arterial


Been a while from Lusine. Best thing I’ve heard in ages. Love the build.

Tycho – Awake (Com Truise Remix)

When Com Truise gets his hands on something from Tycho you know you’re in for something good.

Shigeto – Beats for Dilla


Something upbeat but downtempo to ease you into Monday…

Gems – Scars

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Brand new Caribou track from the new album out in October. Still distinctively Caribou but this tune has a more “dance-y” feel to it than the previous albums stuff. Looking forward to the new release!

Air Punch


Sometimes fist clenching, air punching neo-80′s is needed…

Phantogram – Fall In Love

Don’t know what the delay was in posting this.

Phantogram also have a remix competition on at the moment for this track. You can download the stems from their Soundcloud here. You can also listen to some of the entries here. There’s some pretty terrible stuff there but a few decent remixes among them. None seem to top this “re-imagination” from Until The Ribbon Breaks though.

Lavender Diamond – I Don’t Recall

Probably the most poppy/catchy track from the album. The vocals on the rest are quite haunting and piano based. Worth checking out for something different. Liking the lazy pace to this.