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Jamie XX – Girl

The other half of Jamie XX’s new release. Out May 5th.

Julianna Barwick – One Half

A track from Julianna Barwick’s mostly lyric-less, soundscape album Nepenthe. If you enjoy the sounds of Sigur Ros etc. you might like this. A lot of looping and ethereal vocals.

Visual Inspiration No. 13


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Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire (Star Slinger Bootleg Mix)

Star Slinger does it again. Has been on high rotation.

Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Lana Del Rey - West Coast

“Lana Del Rey?!” I hear you say. Yes… yes Lana Del Rey. Despite the Del Rey bashing and the general opinion of her shallow/rebranded-ness from the hipster elite, this is a pretty decent tune. Read somewhere it’s kind of like ‘Edge of Seventeen’ on heavy sedatives. Press play and ignore the video (the only way you can hear it in full legally at the moment), your not missing much.

Moderat – Last Time (Jon Hopkins Remix)

This might not hit you to begin with but it’s one that grows after a few listens. Anything that Hopkins remixes is worth listening to.

Highasakite – In and Out of Weeks


Norwegian Highasakite. Worth exploring if you haven’t come across them before.